Bose PA Speaker Rental

Are you looking for rental of Bose Speakers? You have finally come to the right place where you can rent almost all models of Bose PA speakers. We offer the most affordable Bose PA speaker rental service in Dubai UAE.

Bose is known for inventing new technologies that would truly benefit people, and creating a culture where innovation and teamwork are valued above all else. Playing for the long run. Achieve this, and good things usually follow. Hence every PA speakers that are manufactured by Bose are unique and superiors quality. We at Dubai Sound System Rental by Sound Town Electronics offer the most affordable pricing for your any kind of event where you can rent Bose Speakers.

Bose PA Speakers

We have all the range of Bose PA Speakers such as Bose S1 Pro, Bose L1 Pro8, L1 Pro16, L1 Pro32 and Sub1 / Sub2. You are covered for any kind of events where you can experience the most enriching sound quality of Bose Speakers. No matter if you are having indoor or outdoor party, Bose Speaker is the right options and most Importantly, we offer the best and affordable price in UAE. 

Why Bose L1 Pro Speakers are great for event?

Bose L1 Speakers are equipped with An integrated subwoofer with a unique RaceTrack driver design gives you powerful bass, has an optimized center of gravity, and saves a lot of space. This slim 7” × 13” driver gives you performance that rivals a conventional 12” woofer without the cumbersome size, freeing up room in your vehicle and on the stage, and making every carry in between — home to car, vehicle to venue — much easier.

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