Professional DJ Headphone is a key equipment for Professional DJs.

Professional DJ Headphone for the professional Djs in Dubai, UAE. Go Ahead and pamper your ears with the precision and power of massive 50 mm Neodymium drivers nestled in to a set you can wear all day long. Designed by DJs and built for DJs, the HPZX6000 Delivers gut-shaking lows and lip-smacking highs that stay true to the music.
Using advanced materials and superior technology are only the beginning. HPX6000 headphones are designed to take that classic look to a whole new high; from the genuine leather ear cushions and head pad to the soft-touch rubberized coating.

You will look as good as professional DJ Headphone sounds.

Superior sound quality with wide frequency response and enhanced bass.
Ultra-high dynamic range.
50 mm high output neodymium drivers.
Single sided removable cable with 1/8″ jack and 1/4 “gold plated adapter.
Adjustable headband with foldable, swiveling earcups.
High-Quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life.
Conceived and designed by Behringer Germany.


Speaker Type: Dynamic
Driver: 50 MM Neodymium
Impedance: 24 Ohms
Sensitivity: 98 db @1 kHZ
Maximum power output: 2000 mW

Please feel free to contact us for your requirement on professional DJ Headphone so that we can book for you.

Professional Dj Headphone

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