What is Tour Guide System?

Tour Guide System is a wireless system that enables a sound source to be heard by multiple people at the same time using audio transmitters and the receivers.

It is used for a group of people who are in a trip to a place, meeting, conference or any kind of group which needs to hear 1 or 2 speakers taking. In other word the tour guides will speak and brief about the place, give instructions to the visitors and all the visitors will listen to what is being said.

The tour guide system uses audio transmitter which will have a microphone and receivers that will have an earphone. The transmitter is used by the person who is talking and the audio receiver will be used by the persons who will be hearing what is being said.

The tour guide system is becoming very popular for the tour companies, event companies and other companies who receive huge number of delegates from other countries. The beauty of system is that if you need to use multilingual translation it can be used as well.

The whispering system is very compact and easy to use. It can cover a range of around 150 meter to 200 meter. One thing you need to understand is that the tour guide system usages one way of communication which means what is being said is heard by the person who has the receiver and they cant’ talk back like it’s done in Walkie Talkies.

Tour Guide System is not Walkie tallies because of it’s operation feature. As mentioned above, it’s one way communication whereas the walkie talkies are 2 way communication.

If you are having a group of people to be addressed in the crowded area such as church, mosque, temple, market, metro or any event, the Tour guide audio system is a perfect solution as it will save you from shouting to address the crowd.

Tour Guide System

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